Friday, October 9, 2020

Consistent If Redundant

At the risk of repeating....

All the web sites are still under renewal. Lots of Customer Service and Tech Help is being done at home and not in the office. Changes vs Outages are not a high priority and is very slow. So please be patient with or or There will be no hyperlinks to these sites until  they are functional at least on a basic level..

We are into Fourth quarter for 2020 and seems the whole year will be or has been crazy. We are working with  multiple smaller projects instead of fewer but larger projects. I appreciate all the Projects.I especially appreciate the patience required by Clients on Projects now as all phases of work and administration and logistics are impacted occasionally by Covid delays or pricing issues.

Land still available Exit 22 Lowell within Enterprise Zone. Call me 704-824-5635

No current flex space available. Call Sam Kline MECA 704-777-6003 for placement on waiting list.

Commercial lot 2910 Union Rd in front of Funeral Home. Call me 704-824-5635.

Under Contract - Corner of Beatty Rd and Kendrick Rd. Gastonia.  

In the most non-political way possible, If we can work our way through COVID regardless of results we can survive an election. If your looking to get staged for remodel or expansion of existing facility, or new facility now is the time to get going for planning and design for late 2020 or early 2021 construction. So call me 704-824-5635.