Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Insanely Busy with Construction

In July ICM finished the Legacy Freedom Detox Center on X-Ray Dr with completed and passed State Inspections for Construction. A very intense Project, with 16 overnight spaces, for both schedule and detailed compliance with State oversight. Patient Safety first was always on our minds.

Following that Project quickly, mid August, came another Plant relocation Project. ICM is remodeling for Chalmers and Kubeck, Inc. in Gastonia. This Project also has an aggressive completion schedule.

This attention to detail and aggressive scheduling is made possible by partnering with great companies for MPE, Sprinklers and Fire Alarm.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Infrequent Blogging Activity

I am very guilty of being an inconsistent Blogger. Not as excuses but my time has been stretched since early Fall.

Real Estate Investment - buying (3) properties and selling one. The net is approximately 20 acres at the corner of Kendrick & Beatty Rd.

ICM has completed an indutrail remodel for a medical waste facility for Daniel Health, Currently  involved with a medial remodel in the Court Dr area for Bluebrooke LLC. Also just before year end ICM's Client Ferretto Group, an Italian Company, completed the majority of their work at the RitRama Facility in Spartanburg, SC on the automated robotic warehouse.

Flex Space Leasing - Coldwell Banker MECA has been named to manage the Flex Space. There is a 1,500 Sf Unit, 3,500 Sf Unit and a 6,000 Sf Unit available. Call Sam Kline @ 704-777-6003.

If I can help you with Real Estate Purchases or Sales, Real Estate Leasing or Construction & Development contact me.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

As Projected New Real Estate Project Gaston County

I had hoped in October to announce a new real estate project in Gaston County in November. Well it took almost all of November but I am pleased to say we have closed on over 20 acres at the corner of Kendrick & Beatty Rd. It is early in the Project and we are concentrating on clean-up these first few days.


22@Lowell LLC sold the NW Corner of Exit 22 in July and ECHO PARK has began grading for their new dealership. We have property across from ECHO PARK on the NE Corner of Exit 22. Call to inquire.

Coldwell Banker MECA has been named to manage the Flex Space. There is a 1,500 Sf Unit, 3,500 Sf Unit and a 6,000 Sf Unit available. Call Sam Kline @ 704-777-6003.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Whirlwind Since May Post

Construction activity is screaming! Real Estate Sales are popping! My Fathers passing. Leaving no time for blogging.

Dad passed in late September just before his birthday. Would have been married to Mom for 60 years in November. Not including high school I worked with him for 36 years. Unforgettable Man.

ICM has completed the Medical Waste Project. The Automated Warehouse is basically complete. There is a lot of programming to be done. ICM has started remodel work for a residential medical use.

One of our major real estate projects, Exit 22,  was sold in July. We still have a minor project there. We have been working to create a new project in Gaston County. I hope I can announce something in November. The flex-space units have a few vacancies.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Starting New Construction Project & Still Have Some Space To Rent

The Construction Company is doing management on a rehabilitation project for a medical waste firm in our area.  Got Permits on the 5th. Started on the 8th. Demolition Completed on the 10th and the first framing inspection is today.

Office Area Before
Office Area After

We continue to be involved with the Automated Warehouse in Spartanburg SC.

Mid April Progress


Have a 3,500 Sf Unit and a 6,000 Sf Unit for right on Posterity Court Gastonia NC. Email for details and pictures.