Friday, September 27, 2019

Ready for New Project

Statement of Qualifications

Industrial Construction & Maintenance, Inc. is an Unlimited NC Contractor in the Classifications of Building, Highway and Water/Sewer Utility Lines. Also licensed in South Carolina and Georgia.

Samuel J. Fleeman, Jr. is a Licensed NC Real Estate Broker. Also licensed in South Carolina and Georgia.

Outline of Opportunity

Over the last year  we have been reviewing development opportunities in Lowell, NC. on the basis of two programs. Please note we are not Certified Public Accountants and advise to consult with them on your personal financial situation. Also we are actively seeking personal opportunities in Lowell. A Buyers Agent Agreement will eliminate any potential conflicts should you desire to proceed in exploring the Opportunity.

Program One is based on the fact nearly the entire town of Lowell is an Opportunity Zone per the 2017 Tax Act. Investments in the OZ provide opportunities for deferral  and reductions of Federal Capital Gains Taxes. Essentially Capital Gains are reduced and/or deferred based on a scale of 10% in year 5, additional 5% in year 7 and 100% after year 10.

The second program is Grants for Jobs from the NC Department of Commerce. These are Grants for new jobs. Job transfer of existing jobs is not eligible. Typical guidelines for these Grants are dollar for dollar matching of costs up to a maximum amount $500,000 at a rate of $10,000 to $25,000 per new job. New jobs must be on payroll for 6 months to have no payback of grant. This new full time jobs Grant can be in combination with Lowell Opportunity Zone. Uses of funds include Infrastructure, Utility, Building Reuse and even expansion of existing facility. Grant cannot be used for equipment,  furniture,  paving, solar panels, only for real property’ . Reimbursement is based on submittal of paid invoices for twice the amount of grant. Grants are awarded every two months

We still have Property on the Northeast Corner of Exit 22  I-85 in Lowell, N.C. within the Enterprise Zone. Two parcels of an approximate total of 1.83 Acres. Can be purchased separately. Email for additional information from Owner/Broker.

Our Clients have had success, on budget/on time, with a Construction Management Project Delivery System. I
CM is paid a fee and Clients pay Sub-Contractors direct at cost. Open and transparent and flexible to create value project decisions. Email a brief Project Description to start a discussion with an Unlimited Licensed General Contractor for Building/Highway/Water-Sewer Utility Lines. ICM can develop a complete Project start to Finish.