Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What We Do In Only Seven Words

We manage real estate and construction projects.

I saw a challenge in a business article to distill what your business does into the limits of a Tweet. The concept being the marketplace is filled with information and noise. Simplicity gains attention.

If this got your attention we hope you will contact us for specific information on what we can do for your expansion, new facility, remodel, rehabilitation, etc...

You can also gain a sense from the prior post this year or our video

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Construction Management Creates Value

ICM has been expanding its offering of Construction Management vs. the traditional paradigm of Contracting with fixed price or cost plus terms. This is a great way to moniter costs and allow us to provide Code and Permitting expertise. That’s the advantage, ICM becomes likes an outsourced technical employee instead of a contractor/supplier.

Our current work still consists of industrial and commercial remodels, change of use projects and minor expansions to accommodate changes in machinery, automation, etc... almost all of this on a Construction Management basis because the skill set ICM brings is broad based.

A principal of ICM is a licensed NC/SC/GA Real Estate Broker. He has been a member of local zoning boards and boards of adjustment for over 20 years. Our Contractors License in NC is Unlimited in the classifications of Building, Highway and Water/Sewer Utility Line. NC is reciprocal with SC and ICM is one step from GA licensing at a clients request. We bring vertical expertise to Projects from Site Selection, Site Development and Facility Construction.

ICM has worked with local, regional and even international companies to maximize Facility Value and insure compliance with zoning codes, soil & erosion with storm water plans, and building codes.

Call to employ us on your team.

We appreciate all our clients, past, present and future.