Tuesday, May 20, 2014

ICM Continues Expansion of Construction Management Services

Last year we began to place an emphsis on Construction Management. ICM did CM on a remodel to suit and move-in relocation of over $600,000 for a company relocating to Gaston County. This spring ICM has followed up with CM for distribution system technology upgrade of over $3.8 million dollars for new racking with automated picking and packaging system at another Gaston County industry.

Our CM proposals allow as little or as much financial involvement as you desire. We manage the construction scheduling and supervision with back-up reporting on subcontractor progress and payment processing to aid in your administering those contracts.

If you would like details on how we work for you to acheive your project goals while maintaining as much or as little financial involvement as you need for comfort and accountability contact us.

We are your Project Manager and available on a Project by Project basis. In North Carolina we are Unlimited Contractors in the Classifications of Building, Highway and Water/Sewer Utility Lines.