Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Converting Due Diligence On Real Estate Purchases To Occupancy

Gastonia and Gaston County have hidden assets. We have an abundance of old industrial buildings. These buildings can be obtained at costs lower than new construction and refitted to many new uses. Many times skilful use of the NC Remodel Code can save additional costs.

In July I discussed my personal and my companies unique perspective on providing Due Diligence Reports on potential Real Estate purchases. We can provide a Report from ICM a licensed Contractor  by Samuel J. Fleeman, Jr., a licensed Real Estate Broker.

Now I want  to highlight our services to follow through after purchase by working with you in obtaining the Certificate of Occupancy to move into the building and managing any construction required to accomodate your use of the building.

We offer three levels of Construction Management to fit your needs, Project Manager, Project Manager with Supervision or Construction Management. Cost Plus. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you.

PS - On The Flex Space Rental Front We Have Letters of Intent on Two Spaces In The Last 30 Days.