Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Changes To Commercial Rental Inventory - Gastonia

 As of Feb 20th , 2013
2T Park Available Units
$ 1,095.00                  Can be Combined 4,750 Sf
$ 2,190.00                  Can be Combined 7,000 SF
$ 2,190.00                  Can be Combined 8,750 Sf 
$ 1,875.00
$ 1,800.00
$ 1,200.00                 Can Be Combined 3,000 Sf 
$ 1,000.00                 Can be Combined 4,500 Sf
$ 1,900.00                 Can be Combined 6,000 Sf

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Watch That Zoning - Gastonia UDO

I almost made a critical error in researching a commercial project for client here in Gastonia. I was so fixated on location, location, location that I overlooked the role of Zoning in the property search.

Here is a link to the City of Gastonia Unified Development Ordinance. Table of Uses in Chapter 7 is critical to a commercial real estate project. If you would like a pdf file of The Table of Uses please contact me and I will email to you.

This Zoning is why the commercial rental units at 2T Park have so much value. The Zoning is C-3 or as the UDO says

“C-3 is intended to accommodate the broadest array of commercial uses of all commercial zoning districts, some of which are not allowed in any other commercial zoning districts. Like C-2, the C-3 district in intended to accommodates the community’s  larger most intense commercial developments (outside the central business district) and be located within the Urban Standards Overlay District.”

As always if I can be of service call on me.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Reality Check - Over 30 Years Construction & Real Estate in Gaston County

Because I started in the family business right out of Ga Tech in 1981 my business view has always been one of young wanna be learning from older experienced leaders. I have had many mentors some who knew it, some who thought it and some who had no idea at all.

Today in a conversation I realized I had over 30 years in construction, development and real estate in Gaston County and the Piedmont NC and SC region and someone was listening to me. So I thought well I have been involved in building or developing:

  • 250,000 sf Manufacturing Facilities
  • Funeral Homes and Medical Offices
  • Residential Sub-Divisions
  • Commercial Sub-Divisions
  • Planned Unit Developments
  • Master Planning Property on I-85 Interchanges
  • Owning, Building and Leasing Commercial Spaces
  • Past President of Gaston County Home Builders Assoc.
  • Some Years of Serving on the City of Gastonia Planning Board
  • Did a Term on Gaston County Board of Adjustments
  • Numerous City and County Committees involving Construction & Development

Shocking realization moving from student to teacher.It was not an effort to transition on my part. I am still very actively learning! Guess I am unknowingly passing on some of the 30 plus years of experience.

As someone once said to me, "I gave it to you free and it is worth every penny you paid for it."