Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Providing Construction, Development and Real Estate Brokerage Services in Gaston County's Wait and See Economy

With full credit to the NFIB Problems and Priorities Survey for 2012 I can gain an insight into my market here in Gaston County for construction, development and leasing services.

The problems facing my clients has been re-prioritized since 2008 as shown:

  1. The number one problem in 2008 and 2012 was cost of health insurance
  2. Second in 2008 was uncertainty over the economy in 2012 Cost of Oil and Oil Products
  3. In 2008 third was Cost of Oil and Oil Products in 2012 Federal Taxes on business income.
  4. Fourth in 2008 was uncertainty over government actions in 2012 Property taxes, real, inventory and personal property.
  5. Number 5 in 2008 was unreasonable government regulation and in 2012 Tax Complexity
  6. In 2008 sixth was Federal Taxes on Business Income and in 2012 Unreasonable government regulation.

The same Survey shows five areas with the largest increase in difficulty as demonstrated by the positions they rose from 2008 to 2012.

Environmental Regulations up 20 spots in the Survey.
Obtaining Long Term Loans up 17 places and Short Term Loans up 14.
Finding out about regulatory requirements is up 13.
Cost of government required equipment/procedures up 11 positions.

I think this quote from Dr. Bill Dunkelburg NFIB's Chief Economist captures the mood, "With employment still 5 million jobs below 2008 levels after 4 years of recovery Owners and Consumers have lost confidence in the governments ability to help."

In my own personal case I think current government actions and plans are hurting my business and so like so many other small business Owners I am in a wait and see economy.

Friday, December 14, 2012



As of December 14th, 2012

Rates are per month and include water/sewer/ storm water/common area maintenance & Site Property Taxes


These Units Can Be Combined Into One 10,500 SF Space
4465-100 1,750 SF $1,095.00 Available
4465-110/120 3,500 SF $2,190.00 Available
4465-130/140 3,500 SF $2,190.00 Available
4465-150 1,750 SF $1,095.00 Available

4471 3,000 SF $1,875.00 Available


4474-4476 3000 SF $1,800.00 Available


These Units Can be Combined Into One 6,000 SF Space
4479-4481 3,000 SF $1,900.00 Available
4475 1,500 SF $1,200.00 Available
4477 1,500 SF $1,000.00 Available