Thursday, September 27, 2012

Commercial Lending Back in Gaston County For Certain Types of Projects

There is no doubt that financing has been a major hurdle for many projects. Through our long time association with VP Buildings we can now provide an additional advantage to our customers on entertainment, education and public infrastructure projects. VP has formed an agreement with EPR Financial Services ( a subsidiary of Entertainment Properties Trust with an investment portfolio of approximately $3 Billion)   which allows builders to offer a build-to-suit for lease program directly with the developer and funding source.  Once the project is completed, EPR will become the long-term owner/ landlord for the project.

This program was just announced yesterday and if it is of interest we can explore it together.



Thursday, September 20, 2012


Unit 4475 is available. This unit has 1,000 sf of office and 500 sf of storage. All with a/c.


Front View
 Office 2 of 2
 Rear View

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Flex Space Gastonia NC - Why our spaces are open design?

The workplace is about bringing people together: to interact and share information; to inspire and inform each other; to provide guidance and feedback. Relatively little work requires deep, individual concentration for hours at a time." There do need to be times and places for such work but whether such places need to be assigned to one person for exclusive use, or requires complete physical separation from others is debatable. Better to have workers be interconnected and part of a vital team? Communication is abundant--and more frequent--when you can see your team members. The rapid flow of information actually reduces the inter-office email, phone calls, sticky notes and the traditional scheduled meeting. Visual contact actually contributes to fewer unwanted interactions. When you can glance and see co-workers engaged in a problem or irritated by a phone call, you're more likely to ask your question later than if you couldn't see them and poked your head into their office. A well designed open layout includes places for private phone calls, private meetings and private work. The use of such spaces is required only for a few minutes, hours, or a day and employees can select an appropriate environment to accomplish the task at hand: meeting in a group, participating in a conference call, or working alone on employment records, payroll or financial accounts. The traditional assumption is employees would work in their own offices or cubicles during regular work hours and would need assigned work spaces with their own desks, PCs, and phones. Studies actually show meeting rooms are often in short supply, while offices and cubicles remained vacant 65 percent of the time on average. Nobody would consider building a manufacturing facility that they intended to use just one-third of the time. The needs of today's mobile and multi-tasking workers are different from stationary employees. Most, if not all workplaces need power outlets to compensate for the battery life of laptops. Create "charging stations" allowing employees to swap out dying batteries or recharge. Utilize wireless and hardwired phone technologies to give workers the ability to check voicemail and make phone calls from almost anywhere. That is why we provide a "blank slate" of open space in the units. Open design fosters a team working together. Private spaces are easily created by mobile wall dividers, furniture such as book cases or shelving units. More space can be utilized more often for cost savings.