Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Leasing Simplified - Out of State Technical Training Facility Operational In 48 Hours.

Moving, relocating or setting up a new facility comes with many challenges. Gaston Commercial clients get help. We are ICM, a contractor, so we know the procedures for getting utilities turned on and accounts set-up. We are on site at the Flex Buildings so we can let cable, internet, phone and alarm installers into the unit. We can even open for deliveries of fixtures and equipment.

Our services allowed us to recently help an out of state  client open a technical training facility in one of our units in just 48 hours. Lease executed on Monday and first training class was Wednesday with internet wi-fi and training samples.

See if we have a space meeting your needs. Phone: 704-824-5635 or Info

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Gaston County Natural Resources held their 8th annual Erosion/Sedimentation and Storm Water Training Workshop yesterday. As usual Danon Lawson did a fine job in assembling a rooster of speakers to address an audience that included some Municipal Storm Water Staff, County Staff, Developers, Surveyors, Engineers and Architects.

Some of the highlights included

·         New accelerated seeding/coverage rules for your NPDES Permits. Those requirements now exceed the Soil and Erosion requirements.

·         Reinforcing the 6 months from permitting to breaking ground period.

·         Reinforcing the Bonding requirements of a Storm Water permit.

·         Reinforcing of Deed restrictions and Covenants  required of Storm Water

·         Clarification of 1 acre OR 10,000 sf of new impervious surface requiring a Storm Water permit.

One of the most interesting speakers was Mike Randall of the State DENR Office who is in charge of Storm Water Permits. Highlights of his speech included:

·         Avoiding Storm Water with Low Density Development. No more than two residential dwelling units per acre or 24% impervious surface to total area. Please note how the less than 24% Rule is coordinated with the 10,000 sf of new impervious surface Rule. 43,560 x 24% = 10,454 sf

·         High Density Development is anything exceeding the two dwelling units per acre, 24% or more impervious surface to total area ratio and the 10,000 sf new impervious surface. This requires Storm Water control that handles the first 1” of rain, will be more in Gastonia due to detention requirements, and removes 85% of the total suspended solids.

·         Either Density choice requires a 30’ stream buffer.

·         High Density also requires PE design, PE as built drawings and certification of proper construction, Maintenance Manual, Annual Inspections, Deed Restrictions and Covenants plus Bonding of Construction and potential depending on project location Bonding of Maintenance.

Speaking to the future Mike says the EPA is looking to:

·         Increase enforcement (fines) for non-compliance

·         Promote LID , Low Impact Development and Green Initiative, GI. More LID info. More GI info.

·         Expand the Scope of Storm Water Rules specifically construction and post construction requirements.

·         Require retrofits on properties developed before Storm Water Rules

·         Greater level of specificity on NPDES Permits for States, Counties and Municipalities.

The Real Estate, Development and Construction Industry doesn’t need more EPA socially benefit driven environmental regulation on top of tight to impossible credit conditions (regulation), future Health Care Tax in of 3% in January of 2013, rising property taxes and generally poor economic conditions. We have met our economic enemy and he is US!