Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Surge In Renting Gaston Commercial Space

This week has brought a surge in renting commercial flex-space units. The inventory has dropped significantly as three were rented and we are in serious negotiation for leasing a fourth space. All of the space we lease for Taranis Properties LLC in 2 T Park is occupied.
We represent for Sucellus LLC at 2T Park (2) 3,500 sf units and (1) 3,000 sf unit that are available. The fourth Sucellus Space is a 1,750 sf unit but it is the subject of negotiations. All other Sucellus LLC spaces in 2T Park are rented.

This has been nice to see!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We Offer Construction Services For Commercial Properties In Gaston County

Last week was a weather week for sure. Monday Night and Early Tuesday Morning Storms left many without power. Some were without power until Thursday or Friday. Just as things seem to be returning to normal Saturday Night brought three waves of severe Thunderstorms through the area with almost unbelievable baseball size hail. The damage to cars and roofs was unavoidable.

Industrial Construction and Maintenance, Inc. can offer construction services to repair the damage. We are a Gaston County Business of over 20 years. ICM has Workers Compensation Insurance, General Liability Insurance, UnLimited NC Contractors License and NC Department of Health Renovation, Repair and Painting for Lead Hazzard Management. We specialize in metal roofs.

Call 704-824-5635 today to arrange an inspection.