Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Surfing the Commercial Property Wave in Gastonia

Business Guru's are always talking about riding in front of the wave or surfing on top of the wave. In other words recognizing large trends early before others see them and take advantage of the opportunity.

A massive trend I see is that commercial construction and development has not just slowed down but actually halted. The retail, office and flex-space you currently see in the market is all that is going to be available for some time. Slowly and surely the space is leasing. Almost any level of demand will absorb supply when no additional supply is being made available.

More demand than supply leads to higher prices. Is this the next wave to be surfing?


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gastonia Office-Warehouse-Showroom Trends

I revised the e-marketing program for our group of companies at the first of the year. Since then we have seen a thawing in construction proposal requests and in people looking at commercial space to lease.

I do not know whether this small increase in activity is due to movement within the general economic environment or whether my revised e-marketing is ranking higher on search engines.

Whatever it is I welcome it and I welcome you to contact us about our services whether your need be new construction or real estate brokerage services.