Friday, December 11, 2009

Gastonia Office - Warehouse - Showroom - Light Mfg Save 54% to 39%

We have done the Site Selection, Financing, Permitting and Construction on Flex Space Units so our simple leasing program can save you 54% to 39%.

Available 2 T Park = 2-1750 SF Units, 2-3500 SF Units and 1-3,000 SF Unit at 4459 Posterity Court.

Unit 4475 is also available with substantial office up fit.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Business Space In Gastonia

I have been reading and reviewing alot on articles and information on Commercial Real Estate for the future. Economic activity is governed by the Law of Supply and Demand unless there is outside intervention from a force like government. I don't see government intervention in the Business to Business market of commercial real estate. Leaving us with Supply and Demand.

The Recession with Job Loss has reduced demand for commercial space. However the credit market meltdown has choked off any financing for any new projects. One article I read said recovery for new construction of commercial space could be 2013 before taking place. A majority concensus of articles saw little to no new construction in 2010 or 2011. The supply of space will be static for several years it seems. Space I have available in Gastonia right now.

The recovery seems to be on a path of long slow growth with little job recovery. Here is where my faith in America shows in that I think this pattern will lead to an explosion of small niche businesses providing goods and services not available from large companies due to scale. These businesses are going to need commercial space and that is where demand for space will come. We specialize in small business space.

Any growth in demand coupled with no growth in supply is going to create supply issues. Avoid those issues by locking in the space we have currently available.