Friday, July 17, 2009

Gastonia Office/Warehouse Flex Space Is What We Do

You hear business consultant buzz words like core competency and you have to laugh. All it is is a fancy way to say concentrate on what you do best. What we do best is provide small unit flex space for office/warehouse/showroom/retail/light mfg. We have been doint it since 1999.

We heard our clients say they wanted fully air conditioned spaces. All of the units in our newest building 4459 Posterity Court are fully air conditioned.

Clients said they were tired of hidden fees above the rent rate. Our rent rates include water/sewer service, storm water fees, trash disposal, property tax on the land and building as well as common area maintenance. Clients pay their rent to us and then power, gas and phone to the utility provider to cover their cost of occupancy.

So despite the fact we (ICM) are an unlimited licensed building,highway and water/sewer utility contractor; have real estate brokerage licenses (Jerry) in NC, SC and GA. and have developed Exit 22 of I-85 and many other projects our core competency, what we do best, is our Flex Space Development. Contact us to see just how good we are.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gastonia - New Tap Fees Creates Opportunities

Government entry into a free market almost always has unintended consequences. Recently the City of Gastonia adopted the above fees for water and sewer taps. These fees will severely handicap their economic development efforts in this recession. A typical restaurant requires a 2” tap for potable service and a 6” tap for fire protection. New total COG tap fees will be $33,680.00 plus $210,500.00 or $244,180.00. Any building requiring fire protection, in general a building exceeding 12,000 square feet total without expensive fire walls, will require a 6” tap at a cost of $210,500.00.
When the playing field is tilted by government opportunities are lost and they are also gained. For example development along I-85 within Gastonia’s City Limits are burdened by this new tap fee. Just outside Gastonia’s City Limits at the eastern entry to the Franklin Square Shopping Area at Exit 22 within the Lowell City Limits are sites not burdened by this fee.

Here's 22 At Lowell.

Further advantages are gained by existing locations with water and sewer already in place or provided in the lease.

Here's two opportunities.

The first is retail space in Lowell on Church St. Where utilities are included in the rent. This building is across Church St. from the Movies.

The second is within City of Gastonia limits but the Flex office-warehouse-showroom-light manufacturing-wholesale-retail Space is developed and water/sewer are two of the many services, storm water fee, building property taxes, common area maintenance and repair, included in the rent.

Don’t delay! Take advantage today!