Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Phase II Storm Water From May Educational Seminar

If you missed the Gaston County Soil and Erosion with Storm Water Workshop on May 29th you missed information on the new Development Paradigm from the Federal and State Agencies being pushed down to the local enforcement at the City and County level such as:

  1. Single Lot Soil and Erosion Permitting Requirements
  2. Comprehensive Plan Requirements for single lot development within a large plan of development (subdivision).
  3. And of course the full S&E Plans with BMP’s etc… for large or multi-lot developments.
  4. Bill Duiguid the #2 Man at Dept. of Water Quality in Raleigh, outlined The State required interpretation of Storm Water Rules (might not be what you think and not in a good way).
  5. You must now control and treat upstream storm water on your property
  6. For me, new circle of density concept removes impervious to pervious ratio for determing low and high density. Your best assumption is over 10,000 sf impervious area or the use of curb and gutter as mandated by many citities is high density.
  7. Local Requirements for Submittal of Phase II Storm Water Permit Applications include Financial Responsibility Form, Plan, Maintenance Manual for BMP's, Draft of Deed Restrictions, and 125% of Cost Completion Bond for 24 months.
  8. Local Requirements for Close Out include Recorded Deed Restrictions, Recorded Maintenance Easements, Maintenance Manual Recorded as Deed Restriction, As Built Drwgs Sealed by Design Engineer, Sealed Letter of Compliance Design Engineer, and Electronic formatted As Built Drwgs for archive.
  9. Maintenance requirements include City of Gastonia Maintenance Bond, Annual Inspection by Certified Inspector with report filed with City or County, and repairs as required

One of my Engineers estimates a Storm Water Phase II submittal will cost $7,000.00 to $10,000.00 and the BMP to comply with the requirement to removed 85% of the solids in sstorm water for high density development will be about $40,000.00. This is storm water only and not soil and erosion.

This will change the economics of small free standing buildings for offices, shops and businesses.