Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Infrequent Blogging Activity

I am very guilty of being an inconsistent Blogger. Not as excuses but my time has been stretched since early Fall.

Real Estate Investment - buying (3) properties and selling one. The net is approximately 20 acres at the corner of Kendrick & Beatty Rd.

ICM has completed an indutrail remodel for a medical waste facility for Daniel Health, Currently  involved with a medial remodel in the Court Dr area for Bluebrooke LLC. Also just before year end ICM's Client Ferretto Group, an Italian Company, completed the majority of their work at the RitRama Facility in Spartanburg, SC on the automated robotic warehouse.

Flex Space Leasing - Coldwell Banker MECA has been named to manage the Flex Space. There is a 1,500 Sf Unit, 3,500 Sf Unit and a 6,000 Sf Unit available. Call Sam Kline @ 704-777-6003.

If I can help you with Real Estate Purchases or Sales, Real Estate Leasing or Construction & Development contact me.