Thursday, August 14, 2014

Summertime And Vacations Meant A Pause In Posting Commercial Real Estate News in Gaston County

Seems like I took a week off in July but couple in the July 4th Holidays and vacations by clients and a lot of calendar has run off since I posted last.

Have only (2) Units in the 2T Complex for rent. A 1,500 Sf Unit - 4488 Posterity Court and a  3,000 Sf Unit - 4479/4481 Posterity Court. Call/Text/Email for Details.

Construction continues to be commercial and industrial remodels or expansions. Seems like there is a tooling up and repositioning for economic growth. ICM continues success with the Construction Management Contracts. Seems Clients like the control they keep and the supervision they release to us. Contact me and I can explain how ICM offers three levels of service.

We are here in Gaston County and ready to offer the Real Estate, Development and Construction Services you might need.