Thursday, May 30, 2013

Still Doing Commercial Construction in Gaston County

Dad and I started started Industrial Construction & Maintenance Inc. way back in the early 80's. Our clients were industrial based and we specialized in the unique requirements of our textile chemical clients. Complete Buildings, expansions, special purpose areas, mezzanines and equipment installations. The Maintenance was for the heavy repurposing of areas and equipment we did.Clients were large and small business.

Textiles began to leave the area and the textile chemicals naturally followed. Adapting we began to seek out and do commercial work for medical clients, wholesalers and retailers. The small businesses of Gaston County. We brought that same attention to detail and understanding of value to opur projects to aid our clients succeed economically.

The crash of 2008 brought another evolution to our business as we leaned heavily on our roots in heavy maintenance projects and starting offering construction management services vs traditional lump sum or cost plus design build. Management leverages our experience for our clients in a new way.

To find out more click here for the ICM Web Site or here for a brief video.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Supply of Commercial Space in Gastonia Dwindling

My supply of smaller units in 2T Park, commercial flex-space in Gastonia, is about to be exhausted. I am currently negotiating an Letter of Intent for the last two 1,500 SF Units. This will leave only 3,000 SF, 3,500 SF or a Combination of two 3,500 SF Units to 7,000 SF in the Park.

At the moment I am not at liberty to announce who is coming to the Park but I can say I think they will enhance the Park and be great neighbors.

I also have another big announcement coming in a few days. Until I am given permission to make an announcement just think "Shark Tank".

4465-110/120 3500  $    2,190.00 Available
4465-130/140 3500  $    2,190.00 Available
4471 3000  $    1,875.00 Available
4474-4476 3000  $    1,800.00 Available
4475 1500  $    1,200.00 LOI Negotiation
4477 1500  $    1,000.00 LOI Negotiation
4479-4481 3000  $    1,900.00 Available
Note Combinations
4465-110/120 + 4465-130/140 = 7,000 Sf
include water/sewer/storm water/common area maintenance&Prop Tx