Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Value Drives Us In Commercial Construction, Development and Leasing Within Gaston County

Value is the satisfaction of requirements at the best  combined cost of acquisition, ownership, and use.

 “Requirements” are need and for some kinds of transactions even wants or desires. The importance of properly identifying requirements is they provide the basis for being satisfied or not satisfied.

Next is “best  total cost of acquisition, ownership, and use”.  Price is the cost of acquisition. What complicates consideration of total cost in assessing Value is the fact that cost is largely incurred after acquisition. With the exception of price, most costs associated with owning and using what is acquired, are incurred after it is acquired.

Costs of ownership are insuring, protecting, repairing, maintaining, replacing or disposing of what was acquired. For example when we purchase a home we invariably consider the costs of mortgage payments because it is directly related to the price; but was the cost of fire, burglary, or flood insurance, costs for lawn, electrical and mechanical maintenance considered? Can we anticipate a cost when the furnace breaks down, or the house needs repainting? And at the time of purchase, do we consider resale price? These are all costs of home ownership, but rarely do they influence our notions of our home value.

Costs of use are costs of operating whatever we acquired, as well as the costs of maintaining it to operate as we intended. When it proves defective or resources are being used in excess, there are costs for repair or replacement. We pay a price for what we acquire, but do we get Value when the cost of  its use exceeds what we expected? Or unfortunately more likely do we really consider those costs when we pay the price initially? And remember, the concept of Value entails best total cost.

 Let us show you how we provide Value

Friday, April 19, 2013

Will Regional Planning Raise Commercial Real Estate Rents and Prices In Gastonia?

I want to share with you below info on a lawsuit going on in California because of a "regional plan" in the San Francisco area like CONNECT for us here in Gastonia.

     PLAN BAY AREA violates the 5th Amendment of the US Constitution by taking property rights without just compensation.  By the creation of Priority Development Areas, this Plan restricts 80% of residential development and 66% of commercial development to just a few small areas of your city--until the year 2040.  If your property is outside of the PDA (96% of property is outside) you will likely not be able to build or expand your building--and you won't be paid for this loss.

   PLAN BAY AREA violates the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution--the Equal Protection Clause.  Owners of properties in the Priority Development Areas will receive development permits at a rate of approximately 80 times more than owners of property outside of the Priority Development Areas.

   PLAN BAY AREA permanently strips all development rights from rural properties in the nine county Bay Area.  Plan Bay Area is effectively taking conservation easements on all rural lands without paying for them. 

    PLAN BAY AREA restricts development rights of property within the Priority Development Areas, too.  Construction will be limited to mixed-use high density Smart Growth development.  Existing buildings are likely to be out of compliance with your city's General Plan (legal non-conforming) and permits to make additions or changes will likely not be granted.

     PLAN BAY AREA says that cities don't have to comply with it but that is a lie.  If your city wants state or federal transportation dollars over the next 28 years, it will have to comply with PLAN BAY AREA.  Cities have already created Priority Development Areas in compliance with PLAN BAY AREA.
    PLAN BAY AREA affects every property owner in the entire nine county 101 city Bay Area.  Only the 1% big developers with their connections to elected and appointed officials will take advantage of tax credits and subsidies.

Evidence seems to show CONNECT will cause rent rises and sale price increases for homes, apartments and businesses by constricting supply and locations. Cost ultimately borne by individuals in the end.

CONNECT Links  RealityCheck2050.org and ConnectOurFuture.org

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Inventory of Business Units 2T Park Gastonia NC

As of April 17th , 2013
2T Park Available Units
$ 2,190.00 Can be Combined 7,000 SF
$ 2,190.00 Can be Combined 7,000 Sf
$ 1,875.00
$ 1,800.00
$ 1,200.00 Can Be Combined 3,000 Sf
$ 1,000.00 Can be Combined 4,500 Sf
$ 1,900.00 Can be Combined 6,000 Sf