Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Viewed a wonderful TED talk by Peter Diamandis about our abundant future. The highlight was how the rise of communications brings about pessimism. People are wired to pay attention to negative things because of our survival instincts. So we miss how in a short period of time world wide lifespans have doubled, incomes tripled, food is ten times more available, transportation has improved one hundred fold and most of all communication has improved ONE THOUSAND FOLD.

Improvements in the world have cause us to redefine poverty because in America of those living under the Poverty Line 99% have electricty, running water, toilets and refrigeration, 95% have TV, 88% have a mobile phone and 70% have a car and/or home air conditioning.

Focus on the smartphone because you can hold in your hand more computing power than the fastest supercomputer available to President Reagan and coupled with Google it provides more information than was available to President Clinton.

What does this mean. Diamandis says by 2020 there will be 3 BILLION more people with smartphones worldwide. What do they want to see? What do they want to buy? or sell? What a market for those who know how to reach it and sell or provide goods and services for it. Buy and resell their goods and services to markets you know and they don't.

The question is will Gastonia/Gaston County have businesses prepared for this boom? Where will they locate? They certainly do not have to be large companies. Is your small business ready?

We hope that by offering flexibile space in regards to zoning and open design we can be part of growing Gastonia/Gaston County into being part of this market.

Friday, March 2, 2012

New Visual Information Display Technique -

Leasing Flex Space @ 2T Park - Gastonia, NC

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