Thursday, October 20, 2011

Commercial Leasing Opportunities Gaston County Update

Things have seemed a bit slow but I went to update the Available Listings and there have been some changes. So I wanted to update

Commercial Leasing Opportunities in Gaston County.

  • 4465 Suite 100 Posterity Court Gastonia NC 1750 SF $1,095.00 per month
  • 4465 Suite 110/120 Posterity Court Gastonia NC 3500 SF $2,190.00 per month
  • 4471 Posterity Court Gastonia NC 3000 SF $1,875.00 per month
  •  4479/4481 Posterity Court Gastonia NC 3000 SF $1,900.00 per month
  • 4488 Posterity Court Gastonia NC 1500 SF $925.00 per month 

We have done the site selection, financing, permitting and construction so that you may save with our simple cost efective leasing plan for flex-space. Our leases for Flex Space Units are not Triple Net (NNN), triple net means that in addition to rent the tenant pays other costs of the property. In a multi-tenant building these costs are usually prorated to each tenant on the basis of square footage of unit divided by square footage of building. These costs include property tax, insurance on the building, maintenance, common area maintenance, trash, storm water fees and even water/sewer. These cost savings are demonstrated below.

Typical 1,750 square foot unit in an 8 unit building.

  • Common Area And Exterior Maintenance $31.00 per month
  • City of Gastonia Utilies (water/Sewer/Storm Water $24.39 per month
  • Dumpster $10.61 per month
  • Real Estate Property Taxes $97.22 per month
  • Total Costs Included In Our Lease $163.22 per month*

* Based on proration of annual costs divided by 12 months divided by total square fottage of the building multiplied by the square footage of the unit.

For details on features and money saving lease terms please contact me.