Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gastonia Flex Space - Save Money

Saving Money has been on my mind and in my work. I was especially struck by this item.

From “DOUBLE YOUR PROFITS In Six Months or Less” by Bob Fifer – Step 33 Office Space

In the U.S. we have a crazy notion about the office space each of us needs. People who travel three or more days a week have their own (unoccupied) office. (In fact, very few people in your organization truly need their own office.) Offices are larger than they need be. Reception space is often wasteful and unnecessary.

The office space rules which you should follow are straightforward. Choose a lower cost suburban location. Double or triple people up whenever possible. Eliminate unused “airy” central space. Office size should be functional, not luxurious. Productivity will go up, because people sense a more serious and less wasteful atmosphere.

Finally think twice or three times before having your business invest in its own office real estate. In most areas, renting is a buyer’s market. Your needs change, and you don’t want to be stuck with too much or the wrong space. Owning your own building is a nice ego trip, but nine times in ten it comes back to haunt you financially. There’s an old adage that says if you’re not in the real estate business, don’t pretend that you are.

You can execute this cost saving program by leasing a Flex Space Unit from us. Units are located down South New Hope Rd. to Stroup Rd. and onto Posterity. Easy to find but not priced like a Franklin Square address. New units for Sucellus are open except for baths and fully heated/cooled. Floor Plan layout is up to you and except for the baths all space is usable in multiple ways. If your needs change we have 1750, 3000 (Taranis Properties LLC) and 3500 Sq Ft units currently available. These can be easily combined into larger spaces to accommodate growth. Click here to learn about other ways we save our tenants money.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Lean Process - New Term Old Idea for Commercial Leasing & Building

I had no idea when writing the last post that there was a techincal name for what I was doing. Apparently the idea of Value Engineering has been expanded into Lean Process. Value Engineering was about looking at Value as Function/Cost. Lean Process adds the concept of Waste so (Function/Cost)/Waste.

The five actions of Lean Process are:

  1. Universal - Function is staedy and Cost decreases
  2. Stable Builder - Function increases and Cost is steady
  3. Good Times - Large Function increase with small Cost increase
  4. Hard Times - Small Function decrease and large Cost decrease.
  5. Perfect World - Function increase and Cost decrease
Who knew I was describing a "Perfect World" last blog. While I cannot promise a "Perfect World" result I can say you should review your business lease and look at what we offer in Flex-Space and Retail keeping  the Five Actions in mind.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Improvements - If Your Not Getting Better.....

We moved into our current location about 5 years ago. Moving brought a new copier and new phone and internet service. Moved in and went to work. The economy has caused us to review all of our expenses and services. The review brought changes to some services. One change in particular was internet.

Why do I tell you about this and what does it have to do with Gastonia Real Estate? Well for two years everyone complained about slow internet speed. Updates hogged bandwidth and made working slow. The files downloads got bigger and video was everywhere. On the sites of others and on our sites. I cannot tell you what updated internet speed has meant. I am working twice as fast when work involves the internet.

My point is that you can routinely do what you routinely do and you don't see the improvements others are making much less change into using them. Then the paridigm changes and you look into things realizing how inefficient you had been.

Your Business Space is not different. Paying retail rates and your a wholesaler? Wasting time warehousing in a space so small you can't organize or stop stacking items on top of items? Need a showroom to display items and increase sales?

Review your needs and talk to us. The business environment is always changing and like a Football Coach once told me if your not getting better your getting worse.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Experience Is Priceless In Providing Value

Time Warner is upgrading the cable infrastructure at 2T Park. The Park was developed in the late 90's and with VOIP Services and ever faster Internet requirements the cable needed updating. Working with Time Warner and their installation sub-contractor we, as Developers (Sucellus and Taranis Properties) of the Park and Builders (ICM) of the Buildings, were able to save time and money because multiple pvc pipe conduits were provided at utility service points on the buildings before drives and parking were paved. There was no need to cut the paving and very little tunneling required. This also minimized disruption for tenants as parking and drives were kept open.

This is just an example of what experience has taught us in keeping an eye on the little details that might be big problems if left out. Upgrade your leasing or building experience with us.