Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gastonia Blogging

I blog so I can inform my clients and potential clients about issues they need to know about if they are thinking of building, buying or leasing commercial property in Gastonia or Gaston County. I try and blog only when there is an issue or a change in the market. Lords knows on the internet information comes from everywhere and in all directions.

This post is to summarize some of the major changes I posted about recently. Below you can find :
  1. A quick analysis of build/buy vs lease.
  2. Rasmussen Poll Economic Numbers
  3. Save Money with Flex Space and Rent from Flex Space Professionals
  4. Starting next summer The City of Gastonia is greatly increasing water tap fees.
  5. Movies and Links to Movies on the Flex Space - Unit 4475 or 4459 Exterior

I believe when you have the information you make the best decisions and I know we offer those services and products.