Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gastonia Current Conditions Lease vs. Build

A friend called me the other day and asked for discussion estimates for building approximately 5,000 Sq Ft. of Building on a 1 acre lot inside the City of Gastonia with 16 to 20 parking spaces. As you can see I came up with $364,000.00 for 5,250 Sq Ft Turn Key.

That set me to wondering how that compared with leasing a 5,250 Sq Ft Unit in my new flex space building at 4459 Posterity Court in Gastonia NC. So below is where I calculated the monthly cost for occupancy of the Building. Key assumption is a loan could be obtained with 20% down and 80% financed for 20 years at 8%. Cost was $3,196.61 per month after a $72,800.00 down payment.

Lot 1 Ac $ 54,000.00
Bldg SF 5250
$/SF Build $ 40.00
Bldg $ 210,000.00
Site Work $ 100,000.00
Cost $ 364,000.00
$ (72,800.00) 80/20
Financed $ 291,200.00
Monthly $ 2,435.71 20 yr 8%
Prop Tx $ 445.90
Storm Water $ 15.00
Phase II $ 50.00
Water/Sewer $ 50.00
Yard Maint $ 100.00
Bldg Repair $ 100.00
$ 3,196.61

How does this compare to a lease at 4459 for 5,250 Sq Ft. Where lease rate includes property tax on land and building, water/sewer, storm water fees, Phase II compliance and Common Area Maintenance and Repair for Exterior. Plus one month security deposit and one month rent moves you in instead of $72,800.00 for a 20% down payment.

Lease 5250Sq Ft at a Rate $7.50 Year equals $ 39,375.00 /12 equals Monthly $3,281.25

Right now in Gastonia leasing seems to be the way to go for commercial real estate. I did not discuss tax issues because these are dependent on too many individual variables and need to be discussed with a professional.

I did not extend this post by describing each individual item utilized. If you will email me with any questions I will gladly offer details on why it was included and how it was estimated.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Time To Move Business Forward?

Consumer confidence today reached the highest level of 2009. In fact, confidence is now at the highest level since Lehman Brothers collapsed last September. The Rasmussen Consumer Index, which measures the economic confidence of consumers on a daily basis, jumped over three points on Friday to 77.9 to the highest level in 11 months. The last time confidence was this high came just before the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the beginning of federal bailouts. The Consumer Index is up four points over the past week, up eight points over the past month, and up 18 points from the beginning of 2009.

The Rasmussen Investor Index, which measures the economic confidence of investors on a daily basis, rose three points on Friday to 82.8. That's around the same level as it was a week ago, but it's up six points from a month ago. Investor confidence is up 20 points from the beginning of the year.

Now might be the time to look at gearing back up. Part of that strategy might be a new location we can help. Call or email us.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gastonia Office Warehouse Showroom Commercial Space

Office-Warehouse-Showroom-Light Mfg-Retail-Wholesale S. New Hope Rd

Our Small Business Units Have Been Utilized By Entreprenuers Since 1999.

Located In Gastonia - just off South New Hope Rd. on Posterity Court is the small business flex space you have been seeking. Zoning is City of Gastonia highest commercial zone C-3. Allows small business office warehouse, light manufacturing, wholesale, or retail. These Units are also excellent for branch or satellite operations.

Immediately move into Space for Office, Warehouse, Showroom, Retail and Light Assembly:

A) 4475 Posterity Court - Existing 1,500 SF Unit with 1,000 SF of Office w/1/2 bath and 500 SF of Warehouse. Full Unit has A/C for $1,200.00 per month. Eligible for month to month program.

B) 4465 Suite 100 Posterity Court - New 1,750 SF Unit. Open floor plan with 1/2 bath. Full A/C for $1,100.00 per month. Eligible for month to month program.

If you need a larger space or custom up fit we have several units site and shell complete ready for up fit. Call today 704-824-5635 to preserve your opportunity.

We offer the following benefits:

1) Your lease terms can be month to month in a new standard up fit unit or some existing units.
2) Your lease will include City Utilities (water/sewer/trash/storm water fee)
3) Your lease includes City and County Property Taxes on the Building and Site
4) Your lease includes common area maintenance and repair.
5) Your Electricity is by Duke Power and Gas by Public Service
6) Your zoning is C-3 City of Gastonia which allows retail/wholesale sales, warehousing, offices and light manufacturing.
7) Your location is just off South New Hope Road in Gastonia.
8) Your unit is within a Business Park to raise your image of professionalism.
9) Your Management/Owners are on site for prompt service
10) Your lease rate is based on our vertical business model of being the Owner/Developer/Contractor/Real Estate Broker.